Welcome to Bhavana!

Bhavana is a space for you to cultivate or grow your practice, whether you are looking for increase mobility or tools to help you manage the stress from daily life we are here to facilitate that growth and those changes.

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Our Story

Bhavana Yoga Studio was created in 2017 by Soraya and Nate Preseault, over the years the studio and its offerings have grown to be a healing space in Sarasota. Bhavana means to grow or to cultivate, in any and all aspects of life, continuing with the theme of Bhavana, the studio grew with the addition of co-owner Athena Leardo a long standing teacher of the studio.

Soraya and Athena believe in offerings that the community is in need of, of course we can teach you to balance on your head or on your hands, but we believe the true beauty and benefit of yoga lies within the clarity of mine, a deep respect, gratitude and love for the body and the peace that comes from living in the present moment, breath to breath.

Meet The Team