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Bhavana's Story

Bhavana Yoga Studio was founded in 2017 and has become a space for healing in Sarasota, Florida. Bhavana is a brick and mortar yoga studio that strives to guide students into restoring their life through yoga, meditation, breathwork, and more.

In September 2021, Brittany Coblentz became the owner of Bhavana Yoga Studio. She has been with the studio since its inception in 2017 with roles spanning from teaching to lending a hand when needed. Brittany's Chinese Medicine background brings a unique vision to the future of the studio as Bhavana continues to be a sacred space for our community and a place for exploring new paths of healing, finding balance, connecting to breath, and deepening self-awareness.


Bhavana, meaning ”to cultivate”, is a safe space for you to create a sustainable and accessible practice that supports you on your healing journey. Finally leave the survival mode behind and focus on creating the life you want through community and yoga.

We aim to keep our class sizes smaller (under 14 students) so we may provide a more personal and boutique experience. This enables our teachers to cultivate a deeper focus with each student without the overwhelm of a high capacity space. Our intention is for you to know that you are seen, heard, and able to explore your yoga in a space of support at Bhavana.

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