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Bhavana's Story

Bhavana Yoga Studio was founded by Soraya and Nate Preseault in 2017 and has become a space for healing in Sarasota, Florida. Bhavana, meaning to cultivate, is more than just a place to grow your practice through your physical body, but also to nurture healing through the connection of community, meditation, and more.

In September 2021, Brittany Coblentz became the owner of Bhavana Yoga Studio. She has been with the studio since its inception in 2017 with roles spanning from teaching to lending a hand when needed. Brittany's Chinese Medicine background brings a unique vision to the future of the studio as Bhavana continues to be a sacred space for our community and a place for exploring new paths of healing, finding balance, connecting to breath, and deepening self-awareness.

We aim to keep our class sizes smaller (under 14 students) so we may provide a more personal and boutique experience. This enables our teachers to cultivate a deeper focus with each student without the overwhelm of a high capacity space. Our intention is for you to know that you are seen, heard, and able to explore your yoga in a space of support at Bhavana.


Meet Your Teachers

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Brittany Coblentz
Studio Owner, RYT 200, LMT #MA88631, MSOM

Brittany is a Sarasota native, mama to 3-year-old Harper and baby Piper, and natural healing facilitator. She discovered the restorative benefits of yoga in 2016 while experiencing a major life transition. It was not in her original plans to teach yoga, but rather explore a deeper understanding of the practice and herself. What she found was community and an energetic pull to share what she was experiencing. This continues to inspire Brittany to approach yoga gently by honoring the whole person through mindful movements, breath-work, and meditation.


Brittany is also the founder and owner of Dragonfly Integrative Wellness, where she is a Restorative Health and Wellness Practitioner creating individually sculpted treatment sessions to support your body's unique healing process. When she’s not in the studio, she’s enjoying time with her family and preparing to take her medical boards to become an Acupuncture Physician and Doctor of Eastern Medicine.

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Betsy Anderson, M.A., E-RYT 500, Chair Yoga

Betsy draws on 20+years of experience as a yoga student, Holistic Counselor (M.A.), and recovery from addiction/anxiety. She holds an E-RYT 500 certification with Yoga Alliance, has been teaching since 2013, and has been the co-lead at Yoga for Recovery group at Rising Tide for 3 years.
"My very first yoga class I felt I'd come home. I believe yoga is a healing modality. Yoga aims at nothing less than Alignment with the Creator (Sri Aurobindo). I am continually learning from my students, my peers, my teachers".

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Kerri Leete, E-RYT 500, YACEP, Reiki Master

Kerri is an E-RYT 500HR yoga instructor and a Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider with an extensive background in dance, fitness and gymnastics and studied Studio Art with a concentration in painting and sculpture in Pennsylvania. She has studied and taught yoga for over 12 years. Kerri embraces both the sacred sanctuary of a yoga practice and the self-empowerment of yoga’s mind and body connection.

Her classes focus on energetic connection, breath, and align with the lunar cycle. Kerri's unconventional and spirited classes prove to be exhilarating for all levels. As a believer in reinvention and new beginnings, she is ecstatic to light a new journey with you!

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Brittany Wentzel, RYT-200

Brittany was introduced to yoga through gym classes in high school. She practiced here and there until falling in love with a studio in college. It was there she realized the enormous impact yoga had on her day-to-day life. Patience, stress relief, and self-care all became easier, and she was hooked. Wanting to share the amazing benefits she’d discovered through yoga, she completed teacher training in May 2017. Brittany teaches an array of styles from Restorative to Vinyasa. In every class her goal is to help students cultivate a mind/body connection and carry that practice from the mat into their everyday lives.


Christina Simpson, RYT-200

Christina has always had a passion for the mind-body connection and her life's journey brought her to Sarasota along with her husband two children. Christina received her yoga certification through Heartwood Retreat Center, after many years of practicing yoga in her hometown of Miami, FL. Christina also practices daily meditation and is a constant student of life, researching a broad range of health, body, mindfulness and nonviolent communication topics.



Raquel Castro, Certified Breathwork Healer, CLC

A Native Hawaiian and recent Sarasota transplant from California, Raquel moved to the mainland in 2010 but carries the Aloha Spirit with her wherever she goes. Certified in Life Coaching since 2017 and Breathwork in 2020, Raquel has a passion for helping others heal by reminding them of the tools and power they hold within. When she’s not at the studio, Raquel is with her husband, 1.5-year-old son, and 2 black cats. She is excited to hold space for you all and to bring the power of the breath to Bhavana.

Raquel's Pranayama classes include guided breathwork, journaling prompts, sound baths, the use of crystal and more!


Regina Klein, Master Crystal Specialist + Teacher

For over 32 years, Regina has been intuitively working with crystals and crystal energy. What started as a collection of crystals turned into an undeniable connection to their vibrational energy. As a Master Crystal Specialists, she helps guide others through their crystal journey through one-on-ones, classes / workshops, community sessions, and more. Regina is also mother to Brittany C., owner of Bhavana Yoga Studio.

You can catch Regina for a workshop or community sessions once a month at BYS.
Regina is also available for private Chakra Balancing Sessions on Wednesdays from 11:30am - 3:30pm.

Our Extended Fam

Soraya Preseault
Nate Preseault
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Jessica Blom
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