6378 North Lockwood Ridge Road Sarasota, Fl 34243


Up to Five Classes
$60/monthly auto-pay

  • $13 Additional Classes

  • no contract



Up to Eight Classes
$80/monthly auto-pay


  • $12 Additional Classes

  • Studio Retail 10% off

  • no contract



Unlimited Yoga
$90/monthly auto-pay

  • 10% off events + workshops

  • 10% off retail

  • 1 guest per month
          (cannot be a studio member)

  • no contract


Auto Pay Information:
Pause or cancel anytime with 30 days notice
Students can change tiers: move up a tier with 7 days notice, or move down a tier with 30 days notice.
Guest(s) cannot be used for a current member of the studio.
Auto-pay can be paused for 1 month duration with 30 days notice prior to pause.

Additional Pricing Options:

NEW STUDENTS: Two Weeks Unlimited Yoga $29.00 or One Month Unlimited Yoga $58.00
*new student special(s) only available on students first visit*

DROP IN: $18.00

10 CLASS PASS: $140.00, one year expiration